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Lee Mullican
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LA Art Show 2003:
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Jack Stuppin
Niki de Saint Phalle
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Gordon Onslow Ford
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Winslow Homer
Robert Longo

Lee Mullican, Pot Dance, 1954

Lee Mullican,
Questioning Head, 1961
Lee Mullican and the Spiritual in Art

September 11 - November 5, 2004
Opening Reception September 11, 6:00-8:00 PM

Herbert Bayer Birthday Picture I
Eugene Berman Tempio Sommerso
Nicholas P. Brigante Six Pods
Enrico Castro-cid Non-linear Nude
Robert Cremean Reclining Figure, Suspended
Aristides Demetrios Shaman
Piero Guzzi Olive Tree
Piero Guzzi Harlequin
Piero Guzzi La Mela
John Hunter Happy Holidays
Shoichi Ida Descended Level-Between Vertical and Horizon-Circles #70
Shoichi Ida Level for Two Stones #16
Shoichi Ida Karma Well Series # 13
Shoichi Ida Karma Well Series # 16 French Window
John Mancini Requiem for Autumn
Lee Mullican, Bird 1 2 3
Lee Mullican, Baby Birds 1 2
Lee Mullican, Bird Kachina 1 2
Lee Mullican, Clown Kachina 1 2
Lee Mullican Pot Dance
Lee Mullican Personnage
Lee Mullican Questioning Head
Lee Mullican Bird Pole Crowned
Lee Mullican Untitled
Lee Mullican, Column with Moon 1 2
Lee Mullican Ceremonial Wand
Wolfgang Paalen Moondial
Mexican Retablos St. Jerome
Morgan Russell Notre-Dame
Italo Scanga, Untitled 1 2
Italo Scanga Anxious About Geometry
Ushio Shinohara Jellybeans Rain
Ushio Shinohara Soho Ukiyo Buro (Soho Bathhouse in the Floating World)
Tantric Shiva-Lingam (Narmada River, Banaras, India)


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