Notes on the Inner Worlds
by Gordon Onslow Ford
September, 2001

The world in which we live is a CREATION that is in a continuous state of evolution.
The creation is made up of Spirit and Matter.
The worlds of spirit are invisible.
The worlds of matter are, in some part, visible.
The creative power of Spirit acts on matter and causes CREATION to evolve.

Aspects of the invisible inner worlds can be caught and become visible through spontaneous painting.
Spontaneous painting appears under the hand of the painter while full attention is being given to what is happening in the painting, as it happens.*
Spontaneous painting takes place just faster than rational thought or words can say.
In spontaneous painting, the painter is but an instrument of the Mind Shared by All.
Spontaneous painting is the creation of the Mind Shared by All through the hand of the painter and, to be seen, needs to be contemplated.

Seeing a spontaneous painting reveals a new aspect of an inner-world and leads to a movement of Spirit.
An inner world exists in its own subtle depth and consists primarily of lines and auras.
Lines tend towards appearing in black or white, and auras tend to appear in color.
One has the impression that all that exists in an inner world painting is visible, in a sense that there are no opaque surfaces that hide what lies behind them.
Only one aspect of an inner world can be seen at a time and demands the full attention of the Open Mind.

With continuing discovery, the whole hierarchy of the inner worlds can be experienced.
Each inner world comes into existence at its own time-speed and occupies a certain depth of consciousness.

Each inner world points the way to the unknown beyond.

The Line Circle Dot () world is the fastest inner world and exists in the very Deeps of the Mind Shared by All.*
The World is as close as painting can come to the VOID (The mysterious Source of creation that underlies all the inner worlds).
The inner worlds involve towards the world and evolve from the world through inner world after inner world towards a new myth.
The new myth is, in great part, still in the air.

The quest of the inner worlds is an endless adventure that moves one ever closer to the spirit of nature and, for the pioneer painter, becomes a way of life.